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Community Lecture Series With Dr. Worden

Dr. Donese Worden is an Arizona-based physician and global health educator. She is offering a free lecture series for the community to educate, empower, and enlighten individuals about health and environment with leading-edge presentations and discussions.

This lecture is “You are what you eat…does that scare you?

Are you truly nourishing yourself?  What if broccoli is causing your skin issues, digestive problems, seasonal allergies, obesity….etc.  etc.  etc.

Learn about food allergies and sensitivities that cause inflammation, chronic diseases and weight gain.

Sign up for blood draw to test allergies for you and your family.  Dr. Worden lectures worldwide  on nutrition and many other health topics.  She trains physicians and now you can hear from her directly.

Join us in Final Assembly Thursday, August 24th.



August 24th, 2017


Final Assembly in Barnone


6:00pm - 7:00pm