12West Brewing at Barnone adds to craft beer’s ‘big year’

Noel Garcia of 12West Brewing believes beer is a catalyst in creating community. People are what drive 12West’s Barnone space.

After more than a decade of home brewing and craft beer industry experience, he and Brian McCormick founded 12West in 2016. Now, they want their space in Barnone to reflect their passion for craft as much as it reflects the community binding the world of beer together.

“I really want the taproom to be a space where you can sit and people watch or come and socialize – a home away from home,” Noel said.

All are welcome in 12West’s laid-back, inviting space – from the longtime craft beer aficionado looking for an inventive hop-heavy brew to the newbie sipping a balanced wheat beer.

Garcia draws his flavor inspirations from a combination of the culinary and beer worlds. He gets inspired by the culinary mastery captured in the Netflix documentary series “Chef’s Table.”

Noel is also immersed in the Arizona beer scene. He has taken business and brewing notes from Valley staples including Beer Research Institute, McFate and OHSO.

12West is a welcome addition to the local scene – eager to collaborate with other breweries. Noel and Brian’s Barnone space is expanding the craft beer scene to the East Valley, where it’s growing fast.

“This is going to be a really big year for craft beer,” Noel said. “I’m excited to bring that east.”