Home away from home at Barnone

As the Barnone tenants make a home out of the Quonset hut, they are strengthening the common goal that brought them together. Their goal is simple: engage with the community.


The craftsmen make up two intermingling communities: the one within Barnone, and the one around it – the greater Phoenix area. As the 12 tenants invite you into their home, they also genuinely want to be a part of yours.


Imagine your perfect home. For some, it’s midcentury modern or minimalistic design. For others, it’s quirky colors and bold furniture. Some want a big backyard with room to roam, and others don’t care as long as the kitchen is large and well-equipped.


Diverse inspiration goes into creating a beautiful home, but at the end of the day, what matters most is that it works for the people living there. At Barnone, it just works.


Take Garage East and Wander, for instance. At first glance, do a winery and a hair salon have much in common? Here, the answer is yes.


The Garage East team is as passionate about experimenting with traditional wine-making techniques as they are about becoming a part of the neighborhood dinner table. Similarly, Shelley Miera’s passion is top-notch hair service, but equally important to her is making her studio a place for people to meet and mingle. Simply put, every tenant thrives on engaging their clients.


In a place that thrives on eccentric artistry and unconventional style, having a shared goal is the most important key to success. For the Barnone family, “success” is as simple as welcoming you home.


About Barnone:

Barnone is located at the Farm at Agritopia in Gilbert, Arizona. It houses 12 unique craftsmen offering one-of-a-kind goods and services, from flowers to firearms. Keep an eye out for information about the grand opening event, which will take place mid-fall 2016.