Everybody Loves Flowers brings new color to dry landscape

Arizona’s barren desert landscape may not have flower stands dotting every street corner like Paris or San Diego, but Mireille Helm believes nothing can take away from the fact that Everybody Loves Flowers.


Mireille, founder and operator of Everybody Loves Flowers at Barnone, blends a longtime love of flowers with a passion for educating her clients to create unconventional, beautiful floral arrangements that add a much-needed pop of color to our neutral desert terrain.


Not even weather-imposed limits can put a damper on her passion for making her clients’ floral dreams come true. The key for Mireille is taking the time to understand her clients as well as her flowers and working hard to give them both what they need. If a bride is dead-set on having hydrangeas at her June wedding, Mireille makes it happen, even if it means asking the maid of honor to re-water the arrangements every few hours.


Mireille has quickly become the preferred floral vendor at three venues around the Valley – Soho63, Windmill Winery and The Elegant Barn. She said the Valley’s community of florists and venues have been “crazy supportive” – they push her business and she pushes theirs.


Mireille is committed to using her new Barnone space to retain and enhance Everybody Loves Flowers’ passion for community and creativity. Aside from the work she does for special occasions, Barnone also offers curbside flower pickup, floral soiree classes and an element of home decor to help clients make flowers a natural part of their lives and homes.


For Everybody Loves Flowers, education is a huge key to making every client’s experience as beautiful and memorable as possible.


“I’m pretty darn passionate about flowers,” Mireille said. “Even when I meet with brides, my goal is to educate people. If you come for a bridal consultation and you think we’re just going to put together what you’ve picked out on Pinterest…that’s not going to happen!”


With her positive outlook on life and a heart for sharing her knowledge and love of flowers, Mireille is making the Valley more beautiful one floral arrangement at a time.