Happy Anniversary

It will be one year on November 22nd since we opened the doors of Barnone. It was a vision to bring Makers together in one space. One year ago, this was all such a new concept.

There has been various changes to each vision since opening; menu deletions and additions, new beers were tapped, new wines were served. Many new hair styles, and colors changed within one small space.

The outside of Barnone itself received another coat to make the inside more comfortable. Leaving the exterior shiny and bright, ready to be weathered by the Arizona elements.

There’s been classes held to spread our passion and knowledge further out. Classes on healing herbs, how to shoot a rifle, how to plant succulents, and little ones learned to watercolor and letterpress.

There’s also so much we’re anticipating for the future – new lines of product, new dishes to try, new methods of brewing, new ideas to test out see if they are a success, or if it’s back to the drawing board.

Looking back before opening, the anticipation for this vision was almost overwhelming.

After a year, it’s safe to say this place feels like home to the Makers. A space to try, to teach, to learn, to test out ideas, and to share all of these moments with our community.

We are so thankful to all of you for visiting and supporting this vision. We hope you feel just at home here as we do.