Little train depot that could: How Gilbert became a booming town

In the early 1900’s, Gilbert was known as the “hay capital of the world” – a town that flourished on agriculture. Sheep, dairy and cotton were produced here and shipped out across the United States.


These men and women did not just live in Gilbert. They made Gilbert.Whether it was selling dairy products at the train depot or teaching at the Gilbert Elementary School, the people of Gilbert had a relentless work ethic. This drive and passion helped shape a small farming community into one of the best places to live.


A train siding is what started it all. As trains pulled aside on the tracks, men and women sold their goods. It didn’t take long to establish the Gilbert Train Depot, a place where the local farmers and makers could set up shop and showcase their products. Many credit this small train depot as the spark that eventually created the booming town of Gilbert.


The town is a product of hard work, and the people of Gilbert will always be a reflection of their roots. That heritage of hard work shows in all the Barnone makers. Residents and makers alike spend years toiling to perfect their craft.


The history of Gilbert is being made every day. All of Gilbert’s residents are responsible for this. Gilbert is one of the fastest-growing towns, where its residents continue to work hard and create with one another. In many ways, Barnone is a modern day train depot – a unique location where passionate makers can showcase their craft.

The passion at Barnone is high. From winemakers to woodworkers, they are all striving to make Gilbert one of the best places to live. History is being made at Barnone. Gilbert is being made at Barnone.


Guest writer

Sidney Pearce