New Awesome Year

In a couple days we will turn over another year on the calendar, and be ever grateful for what has passed. It’s been an amazing first year around the Barn. Each Maker has taken the time to create their space, hone their skills and share their knowledge. They’ve created events to share their passions with the community, and also collaborated with each other on exciting projects.

2018 is already sounding like it’s bringing in so much more for us here in Barnone. We cannot wait to share new projects and events with you. 2017 brought in a lot of first for us, and we have been learning along the way.

Get ready for more behind the scenes with each of the Makers to find out their process and how they are evolving in this next year. Of course there will be more delicious food and drinks and we’re excited to see all the visionary collaborations starting soon.

Get ready 2018, we’re excited to keep being awesome!