The Process of Wedding Florals

How do all the floral ideas for a bride become a reality? What does it look like when the bride walks through the doors of Everybody Loves Flowers and asks her to create her dream?

We asked Mireille to give some insight into how she creates amazing wedding florals. It first starts with the date. She’s a busy floral designer and of course needs to make sure that the bride’s set date is free.

The next step is to meet with the bride to learn about what her dream wedding will look like. She likes to take a look a Pinterest Boards and discuss the style and practical aspects of where the florals will be.

From there, Mireille says it comes down to bridesmaids dresses. One may have all the intentions on getting that gorgeous lilac dress, but it turns out the deeper blue is the best. It’s best to have those ordered and know that your flowers will be the perfect accent.

From there, Mireille takes a brides dream and creates with her own flare florals to for the day. She has some pretty cool centerpieces and displays that she rents, and has a knack for repurposing arrangements used in one area of the wedding, and moving them to the next portion. This makes it feel like there are flowers everywhere at the wedding.