The Uprooted Kitchen’s plant-based passion

Sixteen years of marriage, twin boys, one restaurant and one goal – to serve and educate the community about good, clean food. The Uprooted Kitchen is one step closer to their goal by opening at Barnone this fall.


Chad and Erin Romanoff, along with their sons Jonah and Cole, plan to make The Uprooted Kitchen an extension of their home – a home away from home. Each guest that comes into the restaurant will be treated as though they are part of the family. They want to meet each and every person who walks through their door and build genuine relationships with them.


Erin, co-owner and chef of The Uprooted Kitchen, brings her motherly care and love to each dish she prepares. Everything created in The Uprooted Kitchen is something she would serve to her boys – plant-based and organic. The Romanoffs want to show that eating whole foods from the earth can be can be attainable and affordable. The plant-based meals they cook come with many nourishing benefits that will make food lovers everywhere rejoice.


Their open kitchen further enforces that point. This allows guests to witness their meals being crafted and watch as ingredients are put into the dish. Erin and Chad want their guests to eat happy knowing exactly what’s going into their bodies.


Seasonal produce, picked from The Farm at Agritopia, will be used in many dishes – making them a true “farm-to-table” restaurant.


The eatery will have an intimate environment with a real community feeling. It will seat 24 guests inside and 24 outside. Chad and Erin got their start serving out of a 1968 Avion travel trailer that they transformed into a mobile food truck, and the interior décor of their Barnone space is inspired by those humble beginnings, with aluminum and natural materials.