Meet the Maker:

Fire & Brimstone

Culinary trends have shifted toward a complex fusion of flavors. As restaurants adapt to these revolving culinary trends, James Johnston is running headlong in the other direction. Fire and Brimstone, Johnston’s community-focused eatery, is embracing rustic cooking methods with wood-fired cuisine. Johnston’s concept is paradoxically innovative and modern because of its primitive nature.

Johnston learned his craft on the job. Without the confines of a formal culinary education, he saw how liberating simple cooking can be. Ingredients pulled straight from The Farm at Agritopia’s soil are washed, prepped and set to cook before an open flame. Johnston grew up in Gilbert surrounded by the agriculture and steeped in a lineage of creators, innovators and entrepreneurs. With Fire and Brimstone he is making his own mark, showing people the bounty that comes with a deep appreciation of his roots.


Monday- Saturday 11am- 9pm

Closed Sunday

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