4 Reasons to fall in love with Barnone

The colorful leaves, cool mornings, crisp nights and mounds of blankets – just look around you. Fall is finally here! We’ve made it through another summer, and now it’s time to enjoy beautiful Arizona while it has the best weather in the world. So, as you’re sipping apple cider and taking hikes to see the changing leaves, here are 4 ways to fall in love with Barnone.

Enjoy the outdoors
We love REI’s entire #OptOutside campaign and what it stands for. Don’t stay cooped up while the weather’s fantastic! Spend an afternoon walking around The Farm at Agritopia and stroll through Barnone. Soak up the fall scenery on a real working farm.

Find your craft inspiration
It’s the time of year to decorate. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year, there are so many opportunities to get crafty. The makers at Barnone have dedicated their lives to perfecting their craft. Our favorite part? When multiple makers come together to create something unmistakably unique. Recently, Prickly Pear Paper and Letter Craft came together to collaborate on a woodcraft and letterpress project. You can find more of that on our social channels.

Connect with your community
To us, a turkey is so much more than the Thanksgiving table’s centerpiece. This noble bird is a symbol of community togetherness. When we come together for a Thanksgiving meal, we bond over eating, talking and spending time together. That’s truly what Barnone is all about. Our restaurants have communal tables, and the makers interact with their customers every day.

Celebrate your traditions
Barnone started as a real family farm that grew into this thriving suburban gathering place. This year when Barnone opens, it’ll mark the start of something new – the perfect time to start new traditions. Cultures all over the world celebrate such diverse fall traditions, check out this list by Mental Floss and adopt one of your own! Each year, we hope to be a part of your annual fall festivities. Come visit our new home at Barnone and make the most of this time of year we love so much.