Turn up The Heat

Here in Arizona we are all too familiar with heat. The summer has rolled in and it seems like there’s almost no escape.

Then there’s those that seek out the heat, building it up all day, never letting it cool off.

At Fire and Brimstone everything is cooked in their Renato wood-fired oven. The heat MUST stay constant all day. Aged pecan wood is added all through the day, roughly 100 logs a day. The oven reaches temperatures from 600-800 degrees, creating that beautiful crunchy blistered crust we all are accustomed to.

At night a small fire is pushed to the back, and the door is closed, allowing the oven to keep an even temperature smoldering through night. The next morning the ashes are shoveled out, and a new fire is stoked, allowed to slowly build up and churn within the oven. Kept steady all day to transform simple ingredients into tempting meals.