AZ Big Media: Agritourism flourishes in the Valley of the Sun

In a time when fresh, organic eating is on the forefront of many consumers’ minds, a handful of farmers in the valley are working to bring interest to the process behind the produce that ends up in kitchens nationwide. Local favorites like Schnepf Farms, the Queen Creek Olive Mill and The Farm at Agritopia invite the community to take a hands-on approach to the food they eat by touring the farms, learning about agriculture and buying fresh produce onsite. These farms embody the concept of agritourism as they encourage community involvement through tours, classes, farmers markets, tastings, festivals and U-pick produce days.


Agritopia developer Joe Johnston believes that this hands-on approach to food “helps us to be thankful for our food and also to see that it is not rocket science. Most of us can garden and most of us can convert produce into delicious food. This gives us confidence and enjoyment as we stop seeing food as something only professionals can grow and make.” Farms and mills that invite the community to experience the growing process firsthand are encouraging a more positive view of food and those who grow it.


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