Back to School, Back to Free Time

Fresh pencils and notebooks were bought. The teacher has been met. Back-packs loaded up. New shoes were laced up and sent off to the bus.

Now what?

Enjoy a day at Barnone!

Take a day and enjoy being kid free before all the homework and after school events start in.

Of course no day truly begins without coffee, so swing by The Coffee Shop right after drop off to make sure you’re fully caffeinated for the day. Try one of their Monsoons for a frosty coffee treat.

Since you probably only had time to feed the kids and not a bite for yourself, make sure to grab something nourishing from the Uprooted Kitchen. Their House Made Granola and Coconut Yogurt is perfection.

Maybe you’ve made an appointment at Wander for that new cut and color you’ve had on your Pinterest all summer? Or maybe you’d like to finally take your time and REALLY look at those cool pins from Lettercraft, instead of glancing as you ran past them to catch up with your fast moving 2nd grader.

Either way, there’s still time before the bell for a sip of Arizona wine at Garage East. Perhaps you’ve called on some other friends by now to join you so you can share one of their new Cheese Boards. Because, wine and cheese!

Sometimes it’s hard to let them go, but we all know that a day to ourselves to enjoy is exactly what we need after a long, hot summer.