Fall Looks with Wander

We may still be hitting high on the thermometer, but fall is creeping it’s way into every other corner.

Shelley Miera of Wander Salon broke down some of what she’s looking forward to for fall hair trends:

  1. Curly Hair with Curly Bangs. It’s back!
  2. Bows. More specifically, low ponytails with bows.
  3. Off the face, with the illusion of wet hair and tussled back, along with some texture in the ends.
  4. Easy, effortless, undone look. A quick tuck behind the ears and go.
  5. Icy colors.
  6. Balayage is still hot, along with Color Melting.
  7. Shelley’s favorite – smokey brunette colors.

Check out our Pinterest board where we’ve gathered all of Shelley’s great ideas for fall so you can see them in action.