Join the Club

Sometimes as a creative you find yourself wondering if you are the only one coming across obstacles, feeling absolute joy over an idea, or struggling to carve out time for your craft.

The Barn has been a great physical hub for Makers to gather and share in the highs and lows of creating. Since opening there has been numerous collaborations, both amongst the 12 stationed at Barnone and outside artists and makers. Coming together in this way has been what makes this space special and successful.

We’ve created a new online space to bring more people together, allowing them to collaborate and share. Being able to harness the online world to make great distances shorter, and ideas closer. We want to spark conversations about inspiration, about what being a creative means to you, and all of the nuances that go into your work.

Feel free to join us on our new Facebook Group, Barnone Makers Community (link here). We’re looking forward to hearing more from you and growing this great Maker space.


Image is from Baked By Joanna during her farm board styling at The Farm at Agritopia